Natalia Zukerman, Annie Keating and Trina Hamlin at UU Coffeehouse 2-14-2015

Natalia Zukerman, Annie Keating and Trina Hamlin join forces at the UU Coffeehouse Feb. 14

This powerful trio of women musicians will combine their diverse styles at the UU Coffeehouse on Valentine's Day for an alignment of talents you won't want to miss. The three generally perform solo or with their own bands. But they'll be coming to Columbia after performing together Friday, Feb. 13, at The Bluebird Cafe, a small venue in Nashville famed for hosting up-and-coming singer/songwriters and the talents behind Nashville's stars. 

Here's a little background on each: 

Natalia Zukerman

Natalia Zukerman grew up in New York City, studied art at Oberlin, worked in mural arts in San Francisco, began her songwriting career in Boston, and now resides, writes, plays and paints in Brooklyn, NY. The daughter of classical musicians Eugenia and Pinchas Zukerman, Natalia found her sound in other strings – those on slide guitar, lap steel, dobro. She found kinship in the earthiness and honesty of folk, bluegrass, jazz and blues music.

Come Thief, Come Fire, Natalia Zukerman’s sixth studio effort, was released September 2014. It began as two distinctly different EPs.
Natalia Zukerman: Come Thief, Come Fire (2014)
One was more introspective and acoustic; the other embraced a larger, cinematic and more lush sound. But soon, drawn by the interconnections between the songs and the overarching theme of growth — of embracing the things we must destroy in order to let go and move forward — the songs begged to be kept together. What’s resulted is Zukerman’s most immediate, heartfelt and compelling release to date.

From 2001 to 2013, Zukerman released five studio albums and one live album  — 2013's Gypsies & Clowns, which was recorded live at Space in Evanston, Ill. For the shows, Zukerman invited a big group of her musical friends to present over twenty songs from her catalogue, including the well-known tracks “Gas Station Roses,” “Brand New Frame” and “Howard Hughes.”

Natalia Zukerman: "What Comes After"

Natalia Zukerman's video for "What Comes After" from her September 2014 album Come Thief, Come Fire.

Natalia Zukerman: "Gas Station Roses"

Natalia Zukerman's "Gas Station Roses" video from 2011, featuring Zukerman vocals, electric, slide, lap steel guitars; Bryan Mir bass, David Schoepke drums and Asia Kepka (who also filmed portions of this video).

Annie Keating

Lucinda Williams. John Prine. Allison Krauss. Willie Nelson. Gillian Welch. Bonnie Raitt. Emmy Lou Harris. Patty Griffin. This is a short list of the musicians Annie Keating has been compared to over the last 10 years. With her sixth independent release, Make Believing,
Annie Keating: Make Believing
Keating proves herself even more worthy of that list, releasing her strongest album to date. The songs on this record are tender, raucous and raw, all of them shot through with intelligence and feeling. Keating, who picked up a guitar at age 12 and taught herself a few chords and never stopped playing, writes and sings like a woman who knows deep down that heartache is the price of hope, and she can make us believe — in that way that only the best artists can — that all of it is worth the cost.

Talent spotted by BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris, Keating appeared live on the Bob Harris show in 2008 and has gone on to perform at leading national and international festivals including Take Root (Netherlands), the Glasgow Americana Festival (Scotland), the NJ Folk Festival,
NXNE in Canada, NEMO and the Brooklyn Indie Music Fest. Keating has performed on the bill with John Haitt, Dan Bern, Bon Iver, Hot Club of Cowtown, Anne Heaton and Shannon McNally. This new album includes special guests, the Abrams Brothers on fiddle, mandolin and
acoustic guitar, Matt Keating on piano/organ in addition to Annie Keating’s long time group of stellar bandmates: Trina Hamlin on harp/percussion and vocals, Jason Mercer on bass/banjo, Chris Benelli on drums and Chris Tarrow on guitars and pedal steel.

Annie Keating: "Just for Today"

Annie Keating performs "Just for Today" with Teddy Kumpel and Jason Mercer in 2013.

Trina Hamlin

Trina Hamlin combines gentle understanding with raw emotion in a way that is, quite simply, captivating from the first note. 

With a rich, powerful voice, Hamlin reveals a rare confluence of Midwestern innocence, contemplative focus, and raw passion while adding a disarmingly sharp wit in her stage banter. She seamlessly moves from guitar to piano with self accompaniment on harmonica leaving many who have seen her wondering what she can't do.

Regarded as one of the best harmonica players around, she presents a driving, sensuous rhythm in her performance reawakening audiences to the art of the instrument.

Trina offers an intelligent and refreshing musical experience. Her unique combination of ballads, folk-rock and blues has earned her a steady national following. Trina tours full-time throughout the US and Europe. Additionally, she is a much sought after harmonica player and percussionist, accompanying numerous nationally recognized singer/songwriters in the studio and live on stage.

Trina Hamlin: "Too Beautiful"

Trina Hamlin performs "Too Beautiful" at Stillpoint Farm festival in Veneta, Oregon, in 2011.


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