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Jan. 24 — Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys. Here Between EP

2014. Earthwork Music.

Here Between album coverI’ve worked a bunch with Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys in the past, so of course I love their music, but I wasn’t prepared for how much I loved their brand-new EP. It’s only four songs, but I must have hit repeat at least four times in a row while driving down I5 from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA late one night. The Here Between EP takes them out of the rootsgrass or jazzgrass world they were in with the previous album and puts them more into the contemporary stringband field, like Joy Kills Sorrow or Crooked Still. Lindsay Lou’s vocals are as heavenly as usual, but the songs have a wicked complexity that shows the group maturing to their new sound. The standout track is the divine gospel song “The River Jordan”, actually written by Michigan friends and label mates Seth & May. Lindsay’s vocals on this song are transcendent, and the restraint of the arrangement shows a beautiful maturity in the band. “The Fix” is another one of my favorites, with the unusual chorus: “I’m not looking for an answer, I’m not trying for a tired old bag of tricks/ I need a fix, a frame shift.” I think the EP as a whole is their frame shift as a band, and I’m looking forward to their upcoming full length later this year.

—Devon Leger, Kith Folk

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys perform "The Fix" at Bending Sickle Farm in Stockbridge, Mich., in 2013.

Lindsay Rilko - Guitar & Vocals
Joshua Rilko - Mandolin & Vocals
Spencer Cain - Bass
Mark Lavengood - Dobro
Keith Billik - Banjo
Patrick M'Gonigle - Fiddle

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys perform "Show Me A Brick Wall" at The Bird House in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 2014.

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys perform their original song, "The Power," in 2012.

All tickets for this show are $17 for adults at the door and $15 with reservations. $3 for students at the door or with reservations.  Doors open at 7:00 PM and the main show starts at 8:00 PM. Reserve your seats online through our form or by calling 803-200-2824