2014.02.22: Danielle Howle + Firework Show, and The Ruby Brunettes


anielle Howle and Chris Compton: S
aturday, Feb. 22, 2014

Part of the 20th Season of the UU Coffeehouse music series

Danielle Howle and Chris Compton, winners of BEST Solo Artists in Free Times 2013 poll come to UU Coffeehouse, an intimate setting, with their FULL BAND ensembles. Chris will be with his band, The Ruby Brunettes, and Danielle will have her band, + Firework Show.

Doors open at 7 p.m. with Melissa Mummert performing on the side stage.

Music on the main stage starts 8 p.m. with The Ruby Brunettes followed at 9:15 p.m. by Danielle Howle + Firework Show

A STUDENT AND MUSICIAN Q&A Session will follow the show. Talk, ask and hang with the performers from the show. Learn insider info. Share your experiences. BE in your arts community!

Danielle Howle says: “We are honored to be a part of the long-standing, nationally respected UU Coffee House concert series. The UU brings many national and local acts together to create amazing and fulfilling musical listening room experiences for fans and artists. The UU has a respected presence in our community and should be supported. It is the best series in Columbia, SC.”

Danielle Howle + Firework Show


Danielle Howle + Firework Show - Sleeping Man

Danielle Howle + Firework Show perform "Sleeping Man" at Awendaw Green in Awendaw, S.C. Published on Jul 4, 2013.

Hear more of Danielle's Music:

The Ruby Brunettes

You probably know this band as “Chris Compton & The Ruby Brunettes.” They now go as “The Ruby Brunettes” but it’s the same talented melodic original song-writing and performing group that has drawn the comment from Free Times contributor Mike Miller, “If there’s a grand master of songwriting on the Columbia music scene, it’s Chris Compton.” More about The Ruby Brunettes at http://www.chriscomptonsongs.com/index.php/the-ruby-brunettes.


Chris Compton & the Ruby Brunettes - Bluebird

Chris Compton & the Ruby Brunettes perform "Bluebird" at the UU Coffeehouse May 25, 2013 with Catherine Allgrim on lead vocal. Music and lyrics by Chris Compton, all rights reserved.

The UU Coffeehouse listening room is located at 2701 Heyward Street, the corner of Heyward and Woodrow Streets, in Shandon. Tickets are $15 for adults with a reservation, or $17 at the door. High school and college students are $3. Children through 8th grade are free.

In the kitchen: Coffee, homemade desserts, tea, sodas…BYOB for your preferred beverages not available in the kitchen.

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Danielle Howle + Firework Show, and The Ruby Brunettes, Feb. 22, 2014 at the UU Coffeehouse