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2013.02.23 Barrett Smith & Shannon Whitworth

posted Jan 9, 2013, 8:28 AM by Mike Allen   [ updated Jun 15, 2013, 9:59 AM ]

       About Shannon Whitworth
from her Web site:


Shannon Whitworth is on a musical journey, with no beginning and no end. Like the most astute and focused singer/songwriters, she doesn’t miss a thing along the way, and absorbs the best and the brightest of every experience.

Whitworth has deep Southern roots. The strangeness and charm of her music defies any sort of strict categorization, giving her a sound that is smoky-jazz feeling with hot flourishes and honeyed flashes of Patsy Cline.

She’s also a blues singer, with a sultry purr of a voice that can make a man – or a woman, for that matter – repent, capitulate or just plain fall in love.

In November 2012 she released her third album,  

“Bring it on Home," which continues the evolutionary path. She solicits the talents of Band of Horses’ bassist, Bill Reynolds who is also known for his work with The Avett Brothers and Lissie among others. Shannon is also pulling in bandmate, producer, multi-instrumentalist, writer,  and Floating Action frontman, Seth Kauffman. Matt Smith on Electric guitar, lap and pedal steel compliment Barrett Smith on electric and acoustic guitar. Furthermore, this group features a very smooth and distinctive vocal blend.


                  About Barrett Smith
from his Web site

This is my favorite thing to do:  Play my original music in a great setting for a bunch of people who want to be inspired by a good show full of sincere, quality music-making.  I usually bring a friend or two along to accompany me, which can turn it into an even more spontaneous, special evening.  As you can see from the calendar, I don't do it as often as I should.  But when I do, I hope you'll be there...

These days, most of my shows are with Shannon. I play guitar and sing and do what I can to help out with her beautiful sound and great songs.

Shannon Whitworth and Barrett Smith performing "Moonglow" their new 
album, "Bring It on Home," at the Altamont Theatre in Asheville, N.C., July
26, 2012. They're accompanied by Jeff Sipe, Mike Asworth, Mike Seal, 
and Justin Ray.
Shannon Whitworth and Barrett Smith performing the Bob Dylan song, "Buckets of Rain," at the Altamont Theatre in Asheville, N.C., July 26, 2012. They're accompanied by Jeff Sipe, Mike Asworth, Mike Seal, and Justin Ray. 

"You Are in Love," by the Shannon Whitworth Band -- from their "High Tide" album to be released March 5, 2013.
Shannon Whitworth at the Station Inn in Nashville March 2, 2011.

High Tide
a new album
by The Shannon Whitworth Band
coming March 2013

Shannon and the band (Seth Kauffman, Barrett Smith, Matt Smith, and Evan Martin) went into the studio this past March and cut the new album “High Tide.”   Seth Kauffman of Floating Action
produced this record and extra juice and mixing is being done by Bill Reynolds of Band of Horses. “High Tide” will be nationally and
officially released March 5 2013.

Saturday, February 23 - Barrett Smith & Shannon Whitworth
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Tickets are $13 for adults and $5 for high school and college students with a reservation request left at 803-200-2824 or online. 

Without reservations, tickets at the door are $15 and $7. Children up through 8th grade are free with a paying adult.

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